'Touch', The Latest Release From LILAC Is An Incredible Must-Listen

Published on 16 October 2023 at 20:39


The Reading based LILAC release their third single 'Touch' last month and although we are late to the party, we couldn't let this track go by without sharing it with our readers. Written remotely by band members Beth Atkinson and Lewis Thomas during the Lockdown of 2020, the song is a self described "floral indie anthem".


Anyone who has attended one of their exciting live shows will be well aware of 'Touch' as it is a key part of their live set along with their two previous releases 'It's Illusional' and 'Losing Myself (In You)'. This was the first time that LILAC used a studio to record a single with the aforementioned releases being recorded in Lewis's bedroom studio, as was the necessity of the time. 


Liverpool's Motor Museum was the location of the recording and the band worked with Ben Harper (The Mysterines, The Sherlocks) on 'Touch' to produce a simply outstanding track. With a huge chorus and a blinding guitar solo, this latest release ticks all of the boxes of what makes up an outstanding listen.


'Touch' is a soothing listen. Beth's powerful vocal drives a song that is intricate and well produced. The song builds to a crescendo before the incredible guitar solo gives way to a dramatic break filled with keys.


Released just in time for the band's biggest show to date that took place in Aldershot on 16th September,  the future is clearly bright for LILAC. 


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