CS HELLMAN's 'Postcards' Is A Testament To His Musical Journey

Published on 16 October 2023 at 21:04


The Nashville-based songwriter and guitarist CS Hellman has recently released his new emotionally-charged single, 'Postcards'. As the listen unfolds it is clear to see why the song has been described as telling the story of a past, unrequited love with poignant words.


If you've not come across CS Hellman's music before then you will be on for a pleasant surprise. His sound is huge and he clearly is an accomplished songwriter. 'Postcards' has everything - a wall of sound, soft tender vocals and a chorus that harks back to early 90's UK indie. The song is a work of art - rarely do you come across a songwriter with the talent and vision to create a song of this magnitude.


The man himself appears to be a musician's musician who grew up on the greats: “One of my earliest memories is listening to Beach Boys vinyls in my grandparents’ basement and to The Beatles in the car with my mom. She actually got to see The Beatles in concert and also introduced me to 60’s girl groups like The Supremes, The Crystals, The Ronettes, The Shirelles, Dusty Springfield.”



CS Hellman grew up in Cincinnati and the turning point in his music education was discovering Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page with Hellman learning to mimic their guitar styles. His influences and clear passion for music have both shaped CS Hellman into an incredibly talented musician, with 'Postcards' being a perfect testimony.


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