THE HEAVY NORTH’S Latest Single ‘Give A Little Love’ Sets The Tone For Recent New Album

Published on 23 October 2023 at 18:06

Words: Max Bradfield


Back on the 22nd of September, Liverpool’s blues rock outfit The Heavy North released their third single before the release of their new album ‘Delta Shakedown’. ‘Give A Little Love’ is a brilliant slice of energy that has likely had THN fans chomping at the bit. 


Nicely recorded and produced by Jose Ibanez at 3rd Planet Recording Studios in Liverpool, and mastered by Martin Kuchta at Roughgrain Mastering, ‘Give A Little Love’ is a boisterous track that demonstrates that an individual has to perhaps give a little in order to receive in a relation

ship, and find positivity and growth despite tough times.


Discussing the meanings further, lead singer Kenny Stuart revealed

“’Give A Little Love’ is a song about finding the positives in life and not focussing on the negatives all of the time.”

It’s a song for anyone who’s feeling bogged down and needs reminding of the good things, even when they’re difficult to find. I suppose the message behind ‘Give A Little Love’ is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go again.”


On reflection, it’s clear – with a swaggering strut to it, as well as intriguing lyricism. Ultimately, there’s the idea of frustration making someone wanting to “scream out loud” but “there’s no voice”. THN instructs listeners to “try to keep on pushing” and “hold your own” with “shoulders back”. In tough times, it can be seen as a much-needed reassuring guide.


Pair this with twanging, cowboy saloon-like guitar intonations, a rolling kick-driven drumbeat, and prangs of 60s-infused keys, this track surely offers enough to motivate the fire within a listener in need.



There’s a great pace to this track, and a lot of aspects are complimentary. While Kenny Stuart’s voice can at times be a little drawn out – his tone is rich and smooth. Plus, the excellent backing vocals of Rosalie Galvin and Molly Fryo elevates the track further.


As excitement reached new heights ahead of the album’s release, this track should enthuse even more potential fans.


To coincide with the upcoming album on Friday, the band played intimate in-store album shows at Wax and Beans Records in Bury, Greater Manchester (Friday 20th) and Jacaranda Records in Liverpool (Sunday 22nd). The Heavy North are also gearing up for their biggest headline show to date at Liverpool’s Camp and Furnace on Friday 1st December where they will be performing as a 12-piece band, plus special guest singer-songwriter and guitarist Jay Lewis (Cast, The Zutons, The LA’s, Cracatila). 


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