MORGAN PAROS Raises The Bar For Contemporary Pop On Latest Release 'What Love Is'

Published on 23 October 2023 at 19:02

Photo: Anna Lee


The California-based pop artist Morgan Paros recently released 'What Love Is' - a delightfully sassy single that showcases her lyrical ability and drive all in one.


The song was produced, mixed and mastered by the multi-Grammy award winning team behind Harry’s House (Jeremy Hatcher, Randy Merrill) and the artwork for the single was shot by Coldplay's photographer Anna Lee  - Morgan clearly has a strong team working with her on this exiting release.


Like previous single, 'The Last Straw', here Paros demonstrates her obvious songwriting and musical talent. With a background of touring the world with pop artist Ashe (including performing on Jimmy Kimmel)  and arranging strings for Shawn Mendes, Paros has used previous experience in the world of music to form her own, sensational,  pop-persona.


Photo: Anna Lee


'What Love Is' was written and recorded in Moran Paros's home studio with her partner, the three-time Grammy Awarded Jeremy Hatcher, who also co-wrote the track. About the new single. Paros said: "I was inspired by confessional songwriters who lean into having some fun while keeping lyrics clever, like Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo. The song pulls a lot from my experience of being married young and having to get a divorce -- learning about what love actually is the hard way!"

'What Love Is' is a heartfelt, honest and empowering listen. It sets the bar for what pop music in 2023 should be; warm, well-produced and leaves the listener wanting to learn more about the artist's vision and outlook on life. Highly recommended.


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