THE ROUTINE Revolutionise Their Sound On Latest Release 'Don't Give Me Hope'

Published on 23 October 2023 at 20:59


The Cambridgeshire-based four-piece The Routine released their latest single 'Don't Give Me Hope' last month - a song that signals the evolution of the band's sound.


The triumphant chorus ticks all of the boxes of what makes a song great. The track builds perfectly before giving way to an absolutely roaring vocal from frontman Liam Palmer. It may be way too early to put him up there with other notable Liam's in music (Gallagher, Fray) but that doesn't halt the obvious potential that the vocalist and guitarist has.


The track was recorded over two sessions - The Routine clearly had a plan for this release - with the bass and drum tracks being recorded in Suffolk and guitars and vocals being recorded by Jake Day (the Brave Liaison guitarist) at the North Acre Studio in their native Cambridgeshire.


The Routine frontman Liam Palmer.


'Don't Give Me Hope' is the second track to be lifted from The Routine's debut album, which is a culmination of their dedication since forming in 2019. Drawing from a collection of hard hitting sounds from punk rock to post-Grunge, what makes The Routine standout is their knack for introducing ear-catching harmonies - as evidenced on this latest single. 


Bursting onto the scene with their debut release 'Too Many Times', the band have since released their 'Under The Circumstances' EP.  This year the band has also built a reputation of being an attractive live band, taking in shows from Manchester to Nottingham. The future is incredibly bright from The Routine, and we here at Our Sound Music wait in eager anticipation for their debut album.


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