CRUX Appeal With Latest Single Release 'Lost Souls'

Published on 23 October 2023 at 22:04


The North-East based band Crux first came to our attention with their excellent previous release 'Empty Home'. Late last month the lads unveiled their latest track, 'Lost Souls' which really cemented their growing reputation as ones to watch. 


Telling the story of a sinking ship that is lost at sea - a great metaphor - warning signs are ignored as the Captain and crew enjoy the highlife while the passengers are resigned to their fate as the ship is torn apart. The intelligent lyricism is a key element to the song's appeal.


Recorded at Blank Studios with Sam Grant working as the producer, 'Lost Souls' is the sound of Crux at the top of their game - a thumping bass line provides the backdrop to a track that is energetic and raucous.



Drawing upon various musical styles as key influences including grunge and prog-rock, the Newcastle band have created a sound that makes them difficult to pigeon-hole. Keeping listeners intrigued and captivated, Crux have a knack of creating music that is diverse and intelligent. 


On the live front, the band have headlined local venues The Engine Room and The Globe as well as performing at HMV Newcastle and at the Afterlight Music Festival. Hearing 'Lost Souls' in a live environment is a must and is surely not long before Crux spread their wings and perform in front of national audiences.


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