HONEY MOTEL Return With Brilliant New Track 'The Matinee'

Published on 26 October 2023 at 22:32


After an eighteen-month hiatus, Liverpool's Honey Motel have returned with their triumphant new single release, 'The Matinee'.


Perhaps a metaphor for their career thus far, 'The Matinee' is described as being about "The anxiety of getting stuck in the show before the show. Never taking the final step into the closing stage of something you’ve be working towards due to fear, anxiety, apprehension of what the outcome may be. The thought of forever spending eternity in the matinee is unendurable."


This new single harks a new sound for the quartet whose previous releases such as 'Keep It To Yourself' and 'Weekends' first introduced the band to the scene with aplomb.



'The Matinee' is a jaunty and bright track - moving along at pace it is as soulful as it is melodic. The vocal really is the standout here upon listening - a distinct voice that is both  authentic and timeless. The band really have taken the time to reflect and to return with something really special. 

With a sold out 2023 debut headline show in Liverpool, the future appears bright for Honey Motel. A band not easy to pigeon hole, they keep fans and new listeners on their toes with this glorious new single release. Recommended.


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