Talented DAISY GILL Explores Heartache on New Track 'Don't Wanna Know'

Published on 26 October 2023 at 23:15


The Singer-songwriter and Producer Daisy Gill released her new single “Don’t Wanna Know” earlier this month and it is her finest release to date. Keeping in with modern trends, it is a brilliant synth-pop song in the vein of  The Weeknd. A genre that Daisy knows well, she is self-assured in her vocal delivery and rightfully so.


'Don't Wanna Know' is retro while erring on the side of being modern pop music. Daisy Gill has a knack of creating great tracks such as our previously featured 'Telephone'.


Of this latest release the artist herself said: "I wrote this song in a time when I was feeling really unsure of where my life was going and somehow it ended up being a break up song that I never knew I needed to write, its like I almost manifested this time in my life before it happened because when you’re in love its supposed to be this fun, exciting time but I couldn’t understand why I felt so sad”.



Hailing from the world-famous musical city of Liverpool, Daisy Gill is a unique talent. Not only a strong vocalist and songwriter, she also produced 'Don't Wanna Know'. The lyrics are heartfelt and open - letting us share in her heartache.


With a debut EP already in Daisy Gill's  back catalogue there's no shortage of her music for the new listener to discover. Not only is she a talent in the studio she also performs live to great acclaim. Having previously featured at The Royal Albert Hall in London and on the main stage at Liverpool Pride, it appears as though the sky really is the limit for the talented songstress.


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