CARLEY VARLEY Releases 'Home Sick' - The Title Track From Her Latest EP

Published on 27 October 2023 at 11:57


Carley Varley is no stranger to the pages of Our Sound Music, with the alternative artist proving popular with our readers after coverage of her previous releases. The Winchester-based performer is one of the hardest working emerging solo artists out there and not to mention most talented. Now, she returns with 'Home Sick', her new single that is also the title track of her third EP.


'Home Sick' really is her best work to date. With previous releases from the EP proving to be teasers for what was to come (most notably 'Envy'), this latest single heralds a certain bookend for the performer. Full of emotion and being a more direct pop-punk track, 'Home Sick' is simply brilliant and instantly accessible. 


Carley's songwriting talent is evident as is her ability to create the music that provides a backdrop for her telling lyrics. Drawing on inspiration from Paramore and Linkin Park, she has really crafted her own niche.



Carley Varley has been performing since the age of fourteen and the work she has put in, and the time she has been given to grow as an artist is evident. She has performed on main stages at various music festivals (Meadowside, Lymington) and also various other shows both as an acoustic artist and with a full band such is her versatility. 


With a penchant for writing songs of a personal nature that cover sensitive topics such as anxiety and relationship woes, Carley has not been afraid to bare her soul within her work. 'Home Sick' is the culmination of talent and hard work and is a fine end to a great EP campaign. Recommended.


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