FAKE PLASTIC Deliver 'Endless No' Taken From Self-Titled Album

Published on 6 November 2023 at 16:16


Hamburg, Germany. A place firmly cemented in the psyche of British music historians as the location where The Beatles cut their teeth on the club circuit now conjures up the talented rock duo, Fake Plastic.


Till and Pete, who make up Fake Plastic, recently released the killer single 'Endless No' which has been taken from the band's self-titled debut album. 'Endless No' is one of ten tracks that were penned for the album and serves as a fantastic introduction. You can listen the album as a whole, here


'Endless No' opens with a foot-tapping drum beat that lays a solid foundation for the track. Tentative and subtle guitars leads us through the opening verse with vocalist Till providing a post-punk phrasing vocal. Catchy, immediate and wearing its credentials on its sleeve, 'Endless No' is an alltogther quirky and endearing listen.



There is an undeniable energy surrounding Fake Plastic. Not only does this single  demonstrate this but the album release as a whole does too. As the band themselves say: "Our songs are built on the spirit of rebellion and transcend the worlds of imagination, poetry, and passion. So enjoy the ride.“


Vocalist Till also plays guitar and bass on the track while Pete provides the drums, backing-vocals and does a great job at production duties. Fake Plastic are a keen and exuberant duo who not only have an impressive single in 'Endless No' but a whole album to discover.


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