We Chat With WILL FOLEY About His Debut Album 'Addicted To Chaos'

Published on 7 November 2023 at 16:21


Growing up, what are some of your earliest musical memories?

My earliest memories are playing the most incredibly basic guitar chords at this jazz club in menorca where i got schooled by the cool older jazz dudes. I realised there that i had found my tribe and i wanted to be a musician!

Your album, 'Addicted To Chaos' is out now. What was the writing process for the collection of songs?
The writing process for Addicted To Chaos was to be my own therapist and use the songs as a means of healing and get me out of the depression i found myself in. All the songs feature incredibly personal things which i want to share with the world.

Is there a track on the album that is a personal favourite?
I think my favourite track changes each week off my new record. This week i think my favourite song is Fly Away Forever which has a beautiful and wholesome sentiment to it about allowing your self to move on a dream big!

What can new listeners expect from listening to 'Addicted To Chaos', is there an overall theme?
The theme of my debut album is definitely that of recovery. It started in a break down and concludes in a break through, which is still on going!

Which other artists are you listening to at the moment, who can you recommend to our readers?

Other artists i'm enjoying right now includs Lauryn Dobinson. A fantastic singer songwriter who gives me the same vibes as joni mitchell. I love her very honest and powerful vocal. Check out her song 'Dedicated to the Cause of Comfort'

What's next for Will Foley?

What's next for Will Foley? Im going to keep on doing whati'm doing. Playing gigs in London most nights, trying to get on more tv and radio and share my story.

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