KEYSIDE Present Their Melodic Anthem 'Angeline'

Published on 8 November 2023 at 09:57


Liverpool, England. The world-famous musical city that has for decades, spawned many an influential band. Now, in 2023, the young four-piece Keyside, have emerged on the scene. Alongside Rats, The Kairos and Zuzu, Keyside are forerunners of an exciting and emerging era.


Their new single, 'Angeline' is out now - immediately you can tell that the band are influenced by the greats from the surrounding North-West - The Coral and The La's spring to mind. The track is heavily melodic with an endearing vocal and a rhythm which is hard to ignore. 'Angeline' is one of those songs that upon first listen you are made aware that it is something special and that the band have some serious talent. It is a song to get lost in - tuneful, bright and positive. 


The band say of their latest single: "'Angeline' is a story about a woman who battles to provide for herself and her family. Dealing with her own bad habits and the pressure of giving support to her family, she struggles to find relief, ultimately pushing her towards her own breakdown."


Signed with the Modern Sky Records label, Keyside present a bonafide anthem in 'Angeline'. The band are influenced by The Smiths and The La's but don't wear this on their sleeves here - the Liverpudlian lads have created their own soundscape that has attracted a growing fanbase and rightfully so; their sound is addictive and in a live setting has to create a feel-good atmosphere second to none.


Keyside's musical and songwriting ability is clear to see with a firm handle on creating an addictive rhythm and forming a catchy and airy melody. With previous radio plays from Radio X, BBC Radio London and Radio XS, the industry is taking notice of a band who have an incredibly bright future ahead of them.


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