The Inspiring STUART ROLFE Chats To Us About His Comeback Single

Published on 9 November 2023 at 07:27


Hi Stuart, your new single, 'How Lovin' You Goes' is out on November the 17th. What can listeners expevt from your new track?

It's a return to the Big arena sound of the 90's - 00's country. Written as a love song song with feeling and compassion. It was written to be listened to easily and without having to concentrate on the track, just enjoy..

Where was the song recorded and what was the writing process?
The song was recorded in NAM studios, Trowbridge, Wiltshire with Tyler Spicer a phenominal Enginner and Producer. He happens to be a very talented multi instrumentalist too. The writing process took place between me and a friend overseas in the US. It is a great way to write songs.

Being UK based, what inspires you about country music and attracted you towards the genre?
 The whole ethos of country msuic is the story, Giving the listener an immersive experience. Rather than saying the sun in the sky, explaining it more, so the listener can see it in their mind. That big ole' sun rising in the pale blue sky.

Growing up, what are some of your earliest musical memories, did anything help to shape your passion for songwriting?
My discovery of my passion for music was way , way back. Sitting on the steps of the Hammersmith Odeon. Listening to Dire Straits during the Alchemy tour. This prompted me to pick up a guitar and try to play it, failing many times. Listening to Mark Knopfler and how he manipulated words drove me to writing deeper and more thoughtful lyrics.

What other bands and artists are you listening to at the moment, who should our readers also be looking out for?

 Currently i'm listening to lots of varied artists, from Luke Combs to Mearle Haggard who is a hero of mine. As well as Tim Mcgraw and Brad Paisley.

Can you please tell our readers a little about the new single - is there a message behind the song, was it inspired by anything in particular?
There is a. message, "Always be Humble and Kind". Never think you cannot say what you're feeling. My inspiration was watching Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill during the 2018 C2C where I was a session guitarist for them. Seeing his complete devotion to her and love, just made me realise my own downfall and mistakes. The feelings I had for a former partner, came flooding back and the song was born.


What is next for Stuart Rolfe, what can we expect from you in the near future?

After a very shaky 2 years off fighting cancer and winning the battle, i am back. This is hopefully the first in a string of new songs. I'm looking to forward to performing with the new band and releasing more and more of the new songs i have written during my sabbatical.
I would also like to thank everyone for their wonderful support though it all..


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