STEPHANIE PHILLIPS Unveils Thirty Year-Old New Album 'Retrospective'

Published on 9 November 2023 at 08:09


The talented Pennsylvania-based singer-songwriter Stephanie Phillips has released her fifth album - one that is over thirty years in the making. 'Retrospective' was originally recorded yet unreleased back in 1993. Now, Stephanie Phillips has returned to her first love and added harmonies, a new bonus track and the opus has been remastered. For the first time, her entire catalogue is available to the public.


Influenced by Cat Stevens and James Taylor, Phillips has a clear song writing talent. Originally recorded at a studio in New York City, 'Retrospective' was recently re-mastered at CurryLand Studios. Now with the ability to self-release in 2023, it really is a perfect opportunity to share a great album that other wise may not have seen the light of day.


Tell Me Something is the first track on the album


'Retrospective ' features fourteen tracks of which the final track, 'A Clean Break' was recorded uniquely to be added to the album. Album opener 'Tell Me Something' showcases Phillip's clear vocal ability and really sets the tone for the rest of the album. 'The Piece That Fits' is hauntingly brilliant; the listener can feel the emotion of what is a deep and frankly beautiful track. The apt 'Thirty Years' is another standout listen - reflective and longing it allows Stephanie Phillips to really explore folk music and adds a little bit of a different dimension to the album.


Overall, 'Retrospective' is a fine release from a talented songwriter. Although these tracks were written and recorded initially in 1993, they stand out today just as much as they would have done back then. Phillips has done a fine job of polishing her older tracks and we the listener are grateful that she chose to re-visit them.


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