Chilli Jesson Live @ O2 Academy Islington 3/11/23

Published on 9 November 2023 at 17:54

By Jozef Kostecki


Supporting Corella and playing on their first tour since the release of June’s Carolina Reaper EP, Chili Jesson confidently played their way through a set that showed why the band are worthy of their own headline tour. 


Having also supported Swim Deep earlier in the year, as well as playing ahead of the Vaccines at the latter’s intimate London show, the strengths of each and every Chilli Jesson show consistently grow in number. With Chilli as the frontman, the combination of his vocals alongside his band ensure that they perform at a level that grabs each and every audience member, refusing to let them go until the end of the set.


It’s a largely energetic performance that acknowledges all the steps Jesson and co have taken so far as a group, with songs from both of the band’s currently released EP’s (2022’s St. Vitamin, as well as the aforementioned Carolina Reaper EP) making up the spine of the set.


There is also an indication of what is next for the group, with the recently released Icarus coming across exceptionally well, as does the currently unreleased Something for Nothing. Finally, as has been the case for all of Chilli’s shows, the set concludes with the 1-2 punch of St. Vitamin, followed by Best of Friends, which always hits just right. The entire set, as well as the final two tracks serve as an acknowledgment of both where this act of his career began, the steps they have taken as a group, as well as what’s come before. 


Ultimately what stands out most about a Chilli Jesson show is that in everything but name it feels like a band. The songs are brilliant, the performance also, but the real strength of the group is that each part of the line-up feels irreplaceable. You can tell when a band gets as much enjoyment playing for each other as they do the audience, and for all the right reasons that’s what helps make a Chilli Jesson live show so special.

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