LORE Release Beautiful And Personal New Track 'I'm Right Here'

Published on 9 November 2023 at 18:29


Hailing from Northern-Ireland, Lore are a tuneful collective who have a penchant for writing soulful songs with meaning. Their latest single, 'I'm Right Here' is a welcome addition to their growing back catalogue which included a stunning rendition of 'Teenage Kicks'.


'I'm Right Here' was written by guitarist Luke McCloskey and tackles the difficult topic of Luke's father passing when Luke was just eight years old. Uniquely written from the perspective of the father, the song demonstrates an impressive amount of maturity and vision. 


Pianist Diarmuid O'Kane provides the backdrop to singer Carolann Carlile's moving vocal. 'I'm Right Here' is an incredibly moving listen and is accompanied by an engrossing music video:



Sophisticated without being pretentious, Lore have worked their way up from their humble beginnings in 2015. With sell-out theatre tours under their belts and a performance at Derry's iconic Guildhall (Lore's biggest show to date), their music seems to naturally attracts listeners and rightfully so. Previous singles 'The Anthem' and 'More Than This' site nicely within a growing back catalogue that is currently spearheaded by their beautiful new track, 'I'm Right Here'.


For more on Lore, visit their website loreband.com


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