LUKE BOOR Cements His Credentials With Latest Release 'Queens'

Published on 9 November 2023 at 19:32


Nashville, Tennessee. When you think of one of the music capitals of the world, indie-pop might not spring to mind. However, the talented songwriter Luke Boor sheds any misconceptions with the release of his latest track, 'Queens' - a song that tells the tale of heartbreak on the New York City Subway.


'Queens' has an immediate contemporary feel, set be the echoing beat that helps create an engrossing atmosphere for Boor's voice. His vocal pierces through the mix and makes the listener pay attention; his phrasing is one of an intelligent songwriter who knows how to craft a fine song.


'Queens' is about being a victim of perceived 'lost love' while riding the subway system in New York City. There is a real feeling of longing within the song, something that Luke Boor has done well to encapsulate. 



About his latest single, Luke Boor said“When I wrote the song I had just moved to New York and landed a job as a hotel doorman in The Financial the time, life seemed epic, larger than life, just like my new home. Naturally, New York showed up in my songwriting.”


'Queens' was written in an acoustic manner before being presented to producer Mike Abiuso at Behind
The Curtains Media in Brooklyn. Boor continues: "Mike was bringing the tune to life with instruments completely new to me: Wurlitzers, all just added to the momentum and excitement I was feeling.


Luke Boor hasn't always been a solo performer. From 2009-2012 he was a member of the Los Angeles pop-punk band Assemble The Skyline, who appeared on Purevolume's “Top 20 Unsigned Bands” as well as Music Connection’s “100 Bands You Need To Know”. In 2014 he moved to Nashville to pursue a solo career and he released the EP "Skeletons”.


After a taking a self-imposed break, during which Boor admittedly had mental health struggles, he returned with the 'Change' in June of 2023, which heralded a new era for the musician. Now, he firmly cements his credentials with his latest track, 'Queens'.


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