TELLING SECRETS Release Labour Of Love 'Falling Behind'

Published on 10 November 2023 at 19:02


Telling Secrets, the project of Vik Kovacs, have released their new single 'Fall Behind' - a song that serves as a great introduction to the project which was formed in 2021. Described as "emo-tinged modern rock", 'Fall Behind' is true to form.


The vocal here belies the thunderous guitars - Kovacs has a sincere and almost angelic voice that juxtaposes the soundscape that he has created. His persona fits the music well too - mysterious, almost sinister yet endearingly so. He has been around the world - literally - having been born in Hungary and now residing in Los Angeles, via London and Manchester in the UK. Kovacs's discovery of different cultures has no doubt shaped his world vision and this is reflected on his new single. 'Fall Behind'.


He says: “moving halfway across the world and the frustration with the process. This frustration
summons a darkness within me, and I am releasing it”.



'Falling Behind' has been a long time in the making. Clearly a labour of love, the song has been with Kovacs for several years and it took time to mould into what we can hear today - a  friendship with Matt McAndrew (Rain City Drive and runner-up of The Voice 2014), helped Kovacs reinvent himself as a vocalist. The track has actually won The 2023 Songwriting Contest by the Indie International Songwriting Network which is a testament to its quality.


Vik Kovacs has featured in Amazon Music’s editorial ‘Best New Bands’ playlist and he has also been featured by BBC Introducing. With half a million Youtube views and nearly 200,000 online streams. Telling Secrets have a growing audience that will no doubt be eagerly awaiting the forthcoming album release.

Hard to ignore, 'Falling Behind' is a glowing testament to the dedication and talent of Telling Secrets.


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