PAUL BIBBINS Releases Guitar-Driven EP

Published on 11 November 2023 at 07:52


The independent guitarist and song writer Paul Bibbins has recently released his new four-song EP called Disenchantment at a Distance. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Paul is a guitar aficionado who for decades has been writing songs.


His guitar playing is Jimi Hendrix influenced being full of energy and this really brings this collection of songs to life as demonstrated on the single 'Bold, Beautiful…and Long Gone!'. Radio Guitar One even went as far to say: "Bold, Beautiful and Long Gone picks up right where Jimi Hendrix left off. This cut has some unexpected turns from the jump that keep the listener engaged. The intro comes in loud and proud and then takes a sharp turn into the verse that somehow manages to flow, despite its hard change in direction. It is a masterclass in how 100% commitment to the sound can allow the song to go almost anywhere.”



'Bold, Beautiful…and Long Gone!' is not the only great track on the EP.  'Thrill Walk' is intense rock n roll that has a catchy guitar hook. The song takes the listener on a real journey via Paul's guitar playing and is a must listen for fans of guitar-driven music. 'Vista Valley Drift', the final track on the EP is Paul Bibbins continuing to do what he does best - providing the listener with a sense of excitement and wonder, each bar taking us in a seemingly different direction.


Paul Bibbin's Disenchantment at a Distance EP is a must-listen for fans of guitar music. He has crafted four tracks that embody rock n roll - it harks back to Jimi Hendrix yes but Paul has also created a modern guitar masterpiece.


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