We Interview SAASZ About Her Album 'Nostalgic Escapism'

Published on 18 November 2023 at 08:52


Your album 'Nostalgic Escapism' was released in the summer. What feedback have your received on the album since its release?

So far is mainly good hehe, I did get some constructive feedback as well with some points on mixing and audio quality. So will be improving on those for sure!

On writing the album, were your influenced by any other other songwriters?

Not really, that is the one part it is all me, my mind and issues :D Some of the songs were written back in 2014/2015 like Jealousy and Alternate Reality ( just changed a few bits) the rest were written in the last couple of years.

Which are your favourite tracks on the album?

They're all their own thing but I gotta go with Alternate Reality. It's a small summary of my mind and thoughts. The theories, the mysteries and the possibilities of life. I like to reflect on these topics and that's why it is my favourite.

For our readers who may be new to your music, how would you describe it?

Dreamy indie pop/rock >.<
If you're someone who cares more about the lyrics than the melody then you might like me hehe.

Is there an overall theme or message of the album?

Yes! It aims to a past that as much as it can be nostalgic, you also want to escape. The first half is dedicated to internal issues, conflictions with one self and views of the world. Each song after Alternate Reality which is the song used to "escape" touches subjects on finding hope, trust, self love and self discovery (as mentioned in Retro Mind).

You're from Manchester - what is the scene like there and what newer bands and artists should we be looking out for?

It's great! A lot of art and musicians around here which was the main reason as to why I actually chose Manchester. I'll be honest...in between work, a daughter and the album I don't have a lot of time so I'm not the best person to ask but I'm sure there are lot of great artists around here.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

It changes a lot haha but right now I would have to say Lana Del Rey, Still Corners and Cigarettes After Sex. They are my main ones but I listen to a lot of different artists as well.

What's next for SAASZ?

I'm working on a single that will probably come out in January. After that I'll start making the second album which I'm very excited about!


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