Read Our Interview With DRAMAMINE As They Take Us Behind The Scenes Of New Album ' Dreamcatcher'

Published on 18 November 2023 at 09:01


The new Dramamine album 'Dreamcatcher' is out now. What inspired the name of the album?


As the songs took shape, a dreamy ambiance infused them all. My fascination with dreams and the diverse array of emotions they evoke—joy, nostalgia, loss, fear—drove me. When writing lyrics for the album, I delved into the various facets of dreams, exploring our yearning for certain ones or our attempts to grasp them while awake.


Of the ten tracks on the album, which are personal favourites?


I have a special affinity for the lead single, Figment, and its final rendition. I had kept that chord progression on the back burner for years and decided to record it spontaneously. Another cherished track is Nothing Will Ruin Us, which is about as close as I come to crafting a pop love song. The lyrics hold a deep personal significance for me as well.


What was the writing process for the songs on 'Dreamcatcher'?


I don't have a singular music creation process, but generally, my songs take shape in one of two ways. Firstly, I might begin with chords or riffs and then build the song by singing over them. Alternatively, a melody might strike me unexpectedly, prompting me to record it on my phone. Later, when I'm with my guitar, I work on fitting the music around that recorded melody. After establishing the song's foundation, I enhance and add texture by incorporating additional sounds that complement the overall feel of the piece.


 For readers who have yet to discover Dramamine, what can they expect from listening to your music?


Listeners should expect to hear an atmospheric blend of shoegaze and dreampop. The music seamlessly integrates classic shoegaze elements like reverb, delay, and hushed vocals, paired with what I aspire to be unforgettable tunes accompanied by meaningful lyrics. My aim in creating music is for listeners to connect with the songs in a manner that allows them to reciprocate the impact that music has had on my life.


Which other musicians or bands inspire you?


I find inspiration from a multitude of bands, with Slowdive standing out as a particularly significant source. Witnessing them consistently produce remarkable records is truly inspiring. I was fortunate to have Simon Scott contribute his brilliance by mastering Dreamcatcher. Beyond Slowdive, my influences include The Cure, The Verve, Radiohead, The Daysleepers, and Airiel, among others. Finally, the camaraderie and support from my fellow shoegaze artists I've encountered have not only been uplifting but also a source of inspiration for my own musical journey.


What's next for Dramamine?


As a DIY artist who creates music in my dining room, I'm able to maintain a high level of efficiency, leading to multiple ongoing projects. My next endeavor is a compilation album named "Star Sailors," focusing on shoegaze and dream pop genres, set to be released in December. This compilation aims to spotlight lesser-known artists, boasting over 20 bands and featuring an exclusive unreleased Dramamine track. Looking ahead, I have plans to release a new single in February and another full album in the Spring tentatively titled When the Time Comes. Writing serves as my emotional outlet, and I don't foresee any slowdown in my creative pursuits anytime soon.


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