THE AMBER LIST Forge New Ground On New Track 'Thousand'

Published on 21 November 2023 at 09:30


The Preston-based trio The Amber List recently released their finest work to date in new single 'Thousand'. This new track kicks off the band's intention to release one new song a month culminating in a full album release next year.


Described by the band, 'Thousand' is ".. a warning to the guileless thousands who flock to the city expecting great things and ending up lost...". The song is riotous from the get-go. The Amber List certainly set their stall out with a guitar heavy intro that give way to a frankly sublime lead vocal. Sounding very accomplished and confident, the band have certainly drawn from their musical experiences and influences to craft a solid representation of new wave in 2023.



The Amber List have morphed from a more acoustic sound to exploring their post-punk and indie-rock roots. Their previous release 'Red Lines & Promises' is a fine example of this - a great song in its own right (that again showcases a fantastic vocal). It is encouraging to see a band evolve their sound and to be confident to try something slightly different. 


The band say: "We're a little older, worn the T shirts and come back for more to bring something new. We want to appeal to the Indie family, Dad, Mum, Uncles and Aunts......and the kids who appreciate a good jangly guitar, songs with a bit of bite."


They have been compared to The Cure and Echo And The Bunnymen, which is fair. There is a real throwback sound to their music yet on their new single 'Thousand' they have also proven that they have a place within modern indie-rock too. A highly recommended release.


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