KAI-OTEE Unleash absolute Monster 'About It All'

Published on 21 November 2023 at 10:32


The Nottingham-based alt-rock duo Kai-Otee released their second single 'About It All' a couple of weeks ago - this energy-filled new track sets out the band's intentions to grab listeners by the scruff of the neck and to take them on an aural rollercoaster.


With fast-paced vocals that lead an absolute rock n roll vibe, the swagger and confidence shown is everything a great rock record should be. The chorus is pure chant-a-long and with the song coming in at just over two minutes in length, it provided a shot of adrenalin - one can only imagine the scenes when it is played live. There is an element of fun to proceedings too, a hint of glam-rock stomper hiding within.



Kai-Otee have a familiar sound that also has their own stamp. Their previous single 'Landmines' is more intense and heavy than 'About It All' which demonstrates how diverse that they can be. Together, both tracks give a great introduction to Kai-Otee and leaves us with a sense of unpredicatability which can only be a good thing. 


Influenced by Royal Blood and Cage The Elephant,  Kai-Otee demonstrate well that they have a firm place within the genre. A tremendous, rip-roaring song, 'About It All' demands an immediate listen.


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