LIZZIE ESAU Is At Her Triumphant Best On Latest Release 'Roadkill'

Published on 22 November 2023 at 08:02


2023 has been an incredible year for Lizzie Esau. Starting with the release of her single 'Bleak Sublime' back In January, which has amassed half a million Spotify listeners alone, the talented songwriter and performer made over twelve festival appearances over the summer. More recently, she played a sold out show in her hometown of Newcastle. 


Esau's recent single release, 'Road Kill' is taken from her acclaimed debut EP 'Deepest Blue'. What immediately stands out about the song is her powerful vocal. The opening soft guitar sound is a perfect backdrop to this. A sound that lulls the listener into a sense of tranquillity, the rug is pulled when the anthemic and passionate chorus makes its appearance. Recorded in London with Catherine Marks (The Killers, Wolf Alice), 'Road Kill' is an accomplished and triumphant track. 


About 'Roadkill'. Lizzie had his to say: "The song is probably the darkest thing I have ever written about. I didn’t even expect it to be released but my manager loved it and it sort of just took on a life of its own and ended up on the EP. It’s about being manipulated, about being used, but also there is a sense of overcoming a situation and moving on."


Lizzie Esau is a tour de force live


There is a real buzz within the industry surrounding Lizzie Esau and rightly so. The standard of her song writing, performances and releases thus far combine to reflect that she is the total package. She has had playlisting on Fresh Finds, The Indie List and The Rock List. Her hard work and talent is also reflected in her impressive culmination of followers on social media. 


The 'Deepest Blue' EP which has been Lizzie's cornerstone since its release opens with the brooding 'Lazy Brain', the stall is set as the listener is taken on a whirlwind tour of the talented performers sharp lyricism. 'Roadkill', the latest single, introduces the powerfulness of her voice while third track 'Jellyfish' opens with a foot stomping riff; the track shows that Esau can also bring an attitude to her delivery before revealing an earworm of a chorus. 'Killer' is perfect girl-pop while the final track, 'Bleak Sublime' should need no introduction which as mentioned, it deservedly having racked up almost half a million listeners on Spotify alone since its release as a single back in January.


About her career, she has said: "I’ve worked at my music for too long to start people pleasing now,” she shares. “Industry buzz is great but human connection is better.” With her latest single 'Roadkill', Lizzie Esau delivers a definitive moment in her young career.


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