LYFORD Are At Their Very Best On Rock Release 'Right Now'

Published on 18 December 2023 at 08:45

By Jozef Kostecki


Releasing their third track of the year, Scunthorpe rockers Lyford are back with their latest single Right Now. Almost two years to the day of their first release as a band, Lyford have evolved a lot musically in the last twenty-four months, and this might just be them at their very best.


Though Lyford have only been on the scene for a few years, by their own omission the members of the band have been playing live shows in some capacity for the best part of two decades, and their new track cooly demonstrates the experience that the group have gathered over the years. Their ability as a band to work in tandem with one another is commendable, as is the quality of sound they’re managing to produce as a group.


Right Now works as a track that from a certain point of view puts the music ahead of the vocals. With a guitar-heavy spine supported by impressive drum work, the vocals tie the song together, as opposed to overshadowing any of the musical elements. 



Over the years acts such as Korn, Haim, Atomic Kitten, and One Direction have all released tracks called 'Right Now', with Lyford being just the latest to adopt the title. But, though the name may sound familiar, for rock and indie fans this latest reincarnation of that familiar title from an up-and-coming band is quite possibly one to check out.


With several dates announced for next year already, those who plan to seek out a Lyford show won’t have to wait long. The four-piece will be playing in their hometown of Scunthorpe at the end of next month, with a London date to follow in late March. 


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