'Queen Bee' Delivers Pop Goodness - A Brilliant Cut From Edie Yvonne's Catalogue

Published on 18 December 2023 at 15:37


Here at Our Sound Music we are no strangers to the talent of Edie Yvonne having being charmed by her release 'Darkness Bliss'. Now, we have been drawn to the the talented teenager's pop hit 'Queen Bee' which was released in September.


'Queen Bee' is a perfect, contemporary pop single. An energetic count-in from the singer reveals a bouncy and vibrant track that is underpinned by her clear vocal talent - something that can sometimes be amiss on songs of this genre. Catchy and well produced, 'Queen Bee' adds a feather to the cap that is Edie Yvonne's growing back catalogue.




Previous singles 'In The Rain' (which was written in the rain one night during a loud LA storm) and 'On Your Mind' show that she is both a talented and diverse songwriter. With over 100,000 streams on Spotify and a growing presence on Tik-Tok, Edie Yvonne has seemingly tapped into a loyal fanbase.


Edie Yvonne is currently working on a full length album titled 'Girl Code'. If previous single  'Darkness Bliss' and this pop banger, 'Queen Bee' are any indication, this will be a must-listen album from a talented songwriter. At the tender age of just fourteen, the sky really is the limit for Edie Yvonne.


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