LILO POWDER Shine On Latest Track 'Sun Sets Just Like Heaven'

Published on 18 December 2023 at 17:07


The Swedish duo Lilo Powder have dropped their latest single 'Sun Sets Just Like Heaven' along with a fantastic music video to accompany. 


'Sun Sets Like Heaven' listens like you would expect from the title. Tender and emotional, it is a beautifully crafted song. With an almost hypnotic vocal to accompany, it is musically comprehensive - layered piano and subtle guitar help create an altogether engrossing atmosphere.


As Lilo Powder themselves say: "This song is about believing in yourself, embrace life's nuances and explore the beauty of living between the lines."



If the track itself isn't melodic and dreamy enough, the music video (above) adds an extra dimension to proceedings. Brilliantly put together, the song looks like it sounds here.


Lilo Powder are Andreas on vocals and the guitar and Tim on drums. Forming in 2017, the duo would jam together and shared a love of performing live. This era saw two single release which preceded their 'The Pull' EP release in 2020. Very much a project, Lilo Powder are dare we say it true artists as seen from this track and the music video. With an obvious love of making (great) music, Lilo Powder's penchant for creating melodic, dreamy, soundscapes is our pleasure. Highly recommended.

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