KOALRA Play With Euphoria And Melancholy On Their Single 'The Clouds Still Hang On You'

Published on 19 December 2023 at 17:19

Words: Max Bradfield


Appearing from the ether of Chicago's gritty core, emerging indie rock outfit Koalra have returned with their latest single 'The Clouds Still Hang On You'. The second track from their upcoming album 'Disasterclass', which is out on the 22nd of December, this 5:37 is a near-blissful listen in parts.

Koalra recently moved from the 'Windy City' to Portland, however their initiative for creating atmospheric tracks remains unfazed. Inspirations for the trio lay with legendary acts like Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth, and while those influences can be heard - 'TCSHOY' (for me) shifts through the indie rock sphere and borders closer to the ethereal shoegaze spectrum.

A mysterious twinkling riff kicks things off in flighty fashion, yet an instant and repeated theme arises in the grounding bass notes that stop the guitar from flying ahead. Light vocals that are smoothly delivered slide in next - and with a mix of glimmering guitar and gut-wrenchingly fuzzy bass - the track becomes this atmospheric amalgamation of texture and contrast.



As said, at 5:37 - the track nearly breaches six minutes. But on first listen, it didn't feel this way. While the riff repeats, the listener is still taking everything in and can only wonder where this ever-moving tune will turn next. It's an easily listenable song, and an enjoyable musical experience.

From the press:

"With their latest release Koalra have once again upped their sound with a darker and more epic tone with their album titled “Disasterclass.” The feel is characterized by a blend of various elements that create a unique sonic signature. The albums first single and title track “Disasterclass” is full of lush and reverberating guitar work, a pulsating rhythm that can feel both hypnotic and driving and a feeling that will resonate with many listeners who appreciate their ability to create a unique musical."

As said before, Koalra's latest album "Disasterclass" arrives just before Christmas on the 22nd of December which is a recommended pre-order here. With this dynamic piece as the second song, it'll likely leave many looking further down the track list in hopes that Koalra continue their sonic ambitions.


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