CHAIDURA's 'The Light': A Shot Of Electropop Energy

Published on 11 January 2024 at 08:14

Words: Max Bradfield


Back in December, London-based alternative artist Chaidura released the latest addition to a dynamic arsenal of energetic tracks.

Labelled as his "soulful confession", that statement alone is a telling reflection of this artist's engaging creative outlook - given the raw speed and frenetic nature of the song. We start with the peaceful tones of a woman vocalising and superb saxophone intonation before BAM, we truly begin. Strap in for an exhilarating song of ridiculous pace.

Although not necessarily my choice when it comes to genre, Chaidura's music is like pulling on to a sonic freeway at 100 mph. And this time, we're pulling onto a road that's paved with emotional pondering. With the first lyric like: "My past is haunting my mind / Feels like I'm dying to be alive" tone is set instantly as Chaidura questions "Is this it? / Am I falling?" before intently stating "I want to give up on myself / I want to find my paradise".



On the lyrics and the wider song itself, Chaidura explained:

"The lyrics are my vulnerable moments expressed. This song is my way of encouraging empathy, urging fans to be mindful of their mental wellbeing and embrace the notion that seeking help is not a weakness. Visually, I've adopted the persona of a Pierrot, a sad clown, symbolizing misfits and those who feel different."

Ultimately, 'The Light' serves as this heartfelt confession, "a plea for assistance on the journey to completeness. It vividly portrays a lost soul grappling with self-discomfort, crying out for someone to rescue them - a poignant step towards self-acceptance. Chaidura's musical canvas remains an emotional tapestry, each note weaving into a profound exploration of embracing our authentic selves."

Chaidura has tapped into emo and electronic sounds with a great flair and pace. While a committed group of loyal fans continues to grow and develop, this London singer has a treat in the works. Chaidura treated listeners to a music video for the track on the 15th of December, yet in the New Year - a debut EP is on the way in Spring 2024, kicking off a series of live UK shows that promise to be a "transformative experience."


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