SPECKY CULT Tell All About Their Album ' A Different Kind Of Difficult'

Published on 19 March 2024 at 17:57


Your second album. 'A Different Kind Of Difficult' is out now. What has the reception been for the album so far?


We have had a brilliant response , lots of good reviews , its done what we wanted in getting our name back out there and helped us get gigs to start building up a reputation of a energetic live act with catchy quirky songs.

This new album demonstrates a more rock sound than your previous releases - was that a conscious thing, to move away from a more acoustic sound?


It's the triggers broom gag from Only Fools And Horses, changed the brush a dozen times and the handle 20 times, but its still the same old broom haha specky cult is the same old broom, we went through a line up change as bands do and we had been acoustic to fit in with the play we had written. With a conscious move to not do play songs and try and move away from that and had a lucky break in finding a keyboard player who also played bass and programmed the drum machines, we all of a sudden became a full band and moved over to a more electric sound. The whole thing became a happy coincidence. Certainly it feels more comfortable the sound we have now and with such a creative line up it feels much more ... I can include lots of words here but the accurate one is fun , it feels a lot of fun.

What is your favourite track from the album and why?

The fav track thing is a bit of joke between us , there is a bit of variation amongst the tracks and depending on the mood the song changes, I originally loved Come back kid because its out and out pop but sometimes I like awesome because its so catchy . The one thats most fun to play love is big shop, its catchy chorus means people join in and as we are all total suckers for a sing along I like that the best live.

Is there a concept behind 'A Different Kind Of Difficult', an overall theme?

No there isn't a concept, the album is the anti- concept. The previous album was the soundtrack for the musical and it was very limiting and constricting with song writing , the songs were part of a story and a scene so it felt very rigid.
Although there is no concept there are some rules or values and they are this has to be fun and we all have to join in and lets get this as catchy as possible.

You are from the North-East - what is the independent music scene like up there?

 The north east scene is buzzing, there are a couple of band who are about to break nationally and there is maybe half a dozen who could easily do that. The thing at the moment is that venues are struggling its very tough for venues and the bands know that so all the bands seem to be closing ranks and pulling together , it really feels like a scene rather than bands in competition and I think the bands are benefiting from that collaboratative attitude.

What can new listeners to Specky Cult expect?

They can expect a very good album that is getting great reviews , they can expect a very energetic live show, some quirky sing along songs and some out and out funny songs that people will enjoy. But be warned we keep getting told some of these songs are total ear worms so be prepared to be singing them on the way home.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?


We are gonna gig and gig until we gig some more. Where hoping to catch in to the festivals for the summer as our material is perfect for a warm balmy afternoon chorus of big shop, big shop... plus its shorts weather and we all have great legs.
We are also looking to book some studio time for a bit of a surprise event that has lots of promise but we are trying to keep it under wraps so we dont jinx it.


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