JOSH HOLMES Brings Proud Connotations To The Fore In The Recent ‘Everything’s Changing’

Published on 24 March 2024 at 12:12

Words: Max Bradfield


After going on a co-headline tour in Indonesia, pop-rock singer-songwriter Josh Holmes returned with this single on the 16th of February. In this one, Holmes’ authenticity and energy shine through - as he sings a narrative dedicated to his nearest and dearest.


Holmes presents a striking riff straight from the beginning before building further with a flurry of rhythm and gain-drenched chords. Although there’s a slightly tense tone - the lyrics are quite the opposite in the opening exchanges. “Please know that I mean it when I say that I’m proud / Even though things are changing, I’ll still be around.” 


Despite the speed of life around him - Holmes has this admirable commitment to his friends and continues to highlight said friends’ achievement. From a new job promotion, to a road trip to Belgium, Holmes reminisces upon moments that illustrate just how far his peer has come perhaps without knowing it. In light of his recent career exploits, this brooding yet at times frenetic track is a touching display to those in their own lane. 



Josh has previously performed at various festivals throughout the country including the likes of ‘Godiva Festival’, while amassing over 600,000 streams globally. However, he still has the nature to stay grounded and not get too separated from those outside of his immediate, intense music landscape. While yes, he may have caught the attention of BBC Introducing, in the same vigour of a live performance: Josh makes it clear he’ll “still be around” amongst the formative growth of his musical journey. 


“‘Everything’s Changing’ is an ode to friendship and being there for someone no matter how much time has passed. Backed by an energetic soundscape the track features explosive drum beats, diving guitar lines and an ever-present dynamic vocal performance.”

“This song is a way to tell my friends I’m proud of them, no matter if we drift away, or things in life change, we’re always going to be there for each other.”


With authenticity and a steadily evolving portfolio of well-received hits, there’s no reason why 2024 couldn’t be a big year of growth for Josh Holmes.


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