THE AVELONS Deliver With Latest Anthemic Single 'Chit Chat'

Published on 24 March 2024 at 20:48


The Newcastle-based indie-rock quartet The Avelons recently released 'Chit Chat', the second single to be lifted from their upcoming debut EP. 'Chit Chat' is the follow up to 'Blondie', an absolute monster of a tune that set the tone for this new collection of songs.


Detailing a dramatic break-up, this latest single from The Avelons is arguably their finest release to date. Despite the heavy subject matter, the track actually tells of the relief you can feel when a toxic relationship comes to an end.


The band themselves say of 'Chit Chat': "We’ve been sitting on this gem for a while now; watching it grow and develop on stage as well as being a call to arms amongst our fans, bringing the room together in chant with its rip-roaring chorus - it almost feels like it’s been out years!"



It is difficult to disagree with the above self -description - this self confidence is justified and bleeds over into the song itself. Already  a live favourite, this recorded release finally sees 'Chit Chat', which was honed to perfection on the stage, in all its glory.


 Opening with a burst of in-your face guitars, the intro paves the way for a melodic and soulful vocal. Moving up a gear as we reach the chorus, the track is fully revealed as truly anthemic. Accessible and ear-friendly, The Avelons maintain their trademark alternative side with a crashing guitar breakdown leading into a short yet satisfying solo. 


With sold out-local shows under their belts, the band are reaching out further afield with a recent performance at Sheffield's Naah Then! Festival. If The Avelons can continue to produce cracking singles such as this, and the aforementioned 'Blondie', it is surely just a matter of time before they see their rabid fanbase grow to new heights.


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