ALEXA VILLA Produces Vocally Masterful Track 'My Kind Of Damaged'

Published on 28 March 2024 at 19:20



My Kind of Damaged” is the latest single from Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Alexa Villa. Having been released back on 16th February, the track showcases Villa’s dexterity in music across a range of instruments to bring about a release that shines a particular light on her classical upbringing by way of her commanding vocals.


While her classmates were playing with Barbies, Alexa Villa grew up surrounded by a family of musicians chasing their dreams. In interviews, she recalls that money was replaced by music, and after taking a listen to her latest release, the results of such fostering can be heard indelibly. 


Drawing influence from her family - alongside other leading, powerhouse female performers such as Gwen Stefani, Joan Jett, and Miley Cyrus - the San Diego born talent empowers and inspires through a never-say-die attitude across her discography.


In the case of “My Kind of Damaged”, Alexa Villa takes a deep dive into the discovery of ‘being enough’. In her own words, she explains: “The single addresses all the fears once glazed over with late nights, heavy pours, fake laughs and blue hair. This song is about facing those fears after what seems like a lifetime of running from my feelings. It’s a stop along the way to discovering that maybe I AM ENOUGH. 


“I am emotionally stripped, butt-ass naked, searching for anyone who could love me and the wars inside, because maybe they’re my kind of damaged too. I have come out of hiding and I’m searching for you”.



Lyrically, the new song lets us into Alexa’s intrusive thoughts and gives us a new perspective on a musician we otherwise knew for her charismatic, ‘boss bitch’ heartiness. In essence, the single unlocks a whole new enchanting world of Alexa’s, adding an intense new flavour to her musical profile.


Within “My Kind of Damaged”’s sonic, the listener is taken on another learning curve in Villa’s musicianship. This time, we learn more outwardly about her background in classical music. 


When she was younger, Alexa would often sit at a piano, learn a few notes, and let her voice take care of the rest in typical classical fashion. Now much older, she still finds herself trapped in the creative imagination of the child she once was, but she now has the musical arsenal to turn it into something masterful for all to enjoy.


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