STUART LAWRENCE Opens 2024 With A Snapshot Of 'Paradise'

Published on 2 April 2024 at 17:00

Words: Max Bradfield


Singer-songwriter Stuart Lawrence released his most recent track, and second single, 'Paradise' back in February. Although late to the party, so to speak - Lawrence delivers a new sound to the world, with a real rich and genuine vocal quality.

The track begins with a hypnotic and charming guitar line, before Stuart's smooth vocal glides in. The musical side of things hit notes of both grit and mystery, while the main vocal adds a certain fragile dexterity. Stuart's voice is crystal clear and reaches interesting heights of varying intensity throughout, telling of 'Paradise' and the 'silky road' that leads to this promised land of what seems like inner peace and acceptance. These themes are something which the artist has perhaps accidentally found within his material, although he drives the idea of fiction being heavily at the forefront of his work.

"I'm not the weathered old rock die hard that my appearance might suggest, this is very new for me, and a fresh journey.
Now this might sound a bit silly. The songs that I write appear to me like spirits might appear to a clairvoyant. I am just the medium through which they emerge from their other worldly hiding places. My fingers autonomously move over the guitar fretboard while I am deep in thought or half asleep, and I'll suddenly realise a new melody has appeared. They are then like children which I tenderly nurture and raise to maturity.

"And unlike so many artists that put so much of their own emotion behind their lyrics, I am a storyteller, the lyrics are all imagined through empathy of hypothetical emotional scenarios. Pure fiction.”

Another intriguing angle for Lawrence, is this better-late-than-never epiphany. He continues,

"I’m 59 years old and just had my first album released, followed shortly by my first single called Halloween. So what took me so long? I recently discovered I have ADHD, that knowledge has helped me overcome decades of self doubt and anxiety. It’s still there, but I got to release an album, which I never thought I’d ever have the courage to do. Better late than never to this party I hope."

I'd say this south coast artist's hopes are fulfilled - there's plenty of room for newcomers! While there are aspects to this track that do need a slight polishing - like the mixing, and perhaps the mash of lyric timing and hard-to-track riffing in the background; it's fair to say that these things are also idiosyncrasies that aid the track as much as hinder.



Lawrence has the foundation to a very clear and likeable sound, and to have that boiling under the surface for so long without being utilised, leaves you thinking of ifs buts and maybes.

That said, with practice comes constant improvement - and for Stuart (a man whose thirst for knowledge previously culminated in a law degree), there's no reason why the album that follows shouldn't be a great addition to the musical arsenal.

"This song was written during the period that the first album was being recorded. I think the recording process intensifies my creative urge, and as a result I think that Paradise is the best song that I’ve recorded so far. 'Paradise' is due to be released on the next Album called: A collection of short stories volume 2."


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