Impressive Beyond Her Years: EDIE YVONNE's Current Track 'Delusion'

Published on 13 April 2024 at 15:03

Words: Max Bradfield


Edie Yvonne is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, and despite her mere 15 years of age, the pop-centric artist has already set an intriguing path for herself. Her latest track 'Delusion'  came out on Valentine's day this year - as she prepares for her album 'Girl Code' to be released.


This February tune arrives as the third of an imposing trio. Following past efforts 'Queen Bee' and the titular 'Girl Code' into what she deems a "trilogy of dream teen pop anthems" - 'Delusion' arrives as a song that's as bright as Yvonne's pink-clad image, yet one that still withholds a certain edge.

Already, it's fair to say that this one has gone down well. Spotify shows the song has enjoyed over 21,000 plays so far in its short life, and what I found was a crisp sound and mix are key. The song opens with flitty and poppy guitar, pricking through a velvety bass line that takes on a great presence in the backdrop. As Yvonne sings over a sort of non-diegetic recording of girly-girl gossip, there's a light and dainting weaving of rhyme with the likes of 'potions' and 'motions'. Furthermore, this motif is continued with brief breaks for interesting harmony spikes. However, as the bass surges in the back, unfortunately it gives way in the chorus.

While the chorus is apt, and shows an intriguing vocal direction from Yvonne - this main section is not as gripping as the ever-building pre-chorus might've hinted at. Instead, a slightly muted bassline gives way for rhythm-powered dynamism with falling vocal inflections. Yet again, the 'Delusion' is present in backing recordings as Edie's narrative second guesses herself. 



Released on Prose Productions and produced by collaborators Nicky Swedin and Cormac Liotta, 'Delusion' is the first release of 2024 for Yvonne and could set her up for an interesting year. Especially while working on her album, this track is yet another representation of skill beyond age, as Yvonne shows a certain depth and style that reflects on her other tunes. For instance, take the maturity of 'In The Rain' and how she speaks of her subject matter:


"After an argument with a loved one, I was trying to process the words, my responses, the fears projected on to me, the resentments and trying to sit with those feelings when it's someone you truly care about. I was trying to understand the emotions and was hoping the song could provide some healing down the road."


With clearly an interesting approach to songwriting already, and this track's especially instrumental qualities - there's no reason why Edie Yvonne can't go from strength to strength.


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