'Get Your Attention' Is The Latest Slap-In-The-Face Single From MATYA

Published on 2 April 2024 at 18:37



Get Your Attention” is the latest slap-in-the-face single from Matya’s bewitching collection of self-proclaimed ‘avant rock’ music.


It is a shout out to anyone feeling disassociated from the fast-moving modern world and acts as a precursor for what else is yet to come in the solo artists forthcoming EP.


Scheduled for release this year, the project is meant to create generational anthems that speak to those who go against the grain of the traditional American dream. MATYA shares her time between LA and Paris where the EP was produced at Catmilk Studios.


And by working with high profile names like John Velasquez (Broods, Zella Day, Vacations), Dan Bailey (Father John Misty, Lana Del Rey), Gabriel Cheurfa (Draumr, Dorcas), Pierre Duval (Philippe Zdar, at Motorbass), and Mike Marsh (Calvin Harris, Jonas Blue, Ellie

Goulding), the multi-hyphanist artist is suited and booted for a musical arsenal like no other. 


Through “Get Your Attention”, Matya blends together alt-punk influences like Bloc Party with her own ethereal ideals to create an otherworldly, almost out of body inducing sonic. Think Lana Del Rey, NewDad, and Nina hagen, morphed into one epic soundscape, and you get this up and coming phenomenon.


The new single, in its simplest description, is an earworm. Fluttering synths, lo-fi rock snares, and the constant transitioning from assertive vocal growls to mysterious whispers that evoke a certain sensualism make for a listening experience that far outstretches the casual harks of other modern releases.


With “Get Your Attention”, just like with any of her other releases, Matya demands and warrants undivided attention to every nook and cranny of a song teeming with opulent intricacies.


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