BÖHMEN Release Frenetic Single ‘SEDATE’ Ahead Of Exciting Era And Huge Hometown Show

Published on 18 April 2024 at 11:42

Words: Max Bradfield


Manchester-based alternative/rock band Böhmen released their latest track ‘SEDATE’ back at the start of March. It’s truly a romping three-minute punch of what the four-piece are all about, as they look ahead to a Summer that sees them play one of their biggest shows to date.

Instantly plunged into a sound chamber stocked up on gain and atmosphere, ‘SEDATE’ combines a certain grit and swagger with hope-tinged, surging chords and a flying vocal from lead singer Archie Austin.

While percussion is present, foreboding and exemplary, so too is an industrial approach to guitar - as sharp noises slip in and slide out in the background to create a visceral feel to the band’s sound. The bass pricks the ear too, filling in post-chorus with this bouncing likeability.

In parts, I found it reminiscent of mid-2010s black leather jacket indie as soaring sounds spiked flashbacks to the likes of Amazons and Catfish and the Bottlemen, yet with the subtlety of the leads’ intonation - there’s something that I think will resonate with enjoyers of Wunderhorse.

That said, of course, the band strives to curate their own navigation of the scene, and they’re clearly doing so. The skilled solo on top is a reflection of such, reinforcing that these guys aren’t  paying complete homage to anyone or merely here to just make up the numbers within Manchester’s bustling musical rotation.



Of this latest creation, the band reflect on the lyrical dynamics of the track:

“'SEDATE' looks at the ways and means we try to subdue ourselves emotionally. Repeating negative behaviours as an outlet for emotional immaturity.

“It is often easier to seek refuge from discordant environments than to face dissension. This is a trait shared by many, Sedate is a reminder of an age old saying ‘you can run, but you cannot hide’

“The music for Sedate came together quickly with the chorus having the central theme for the lyrics. The vocals and music were tied together perfectly once we went on to record with David Radahd-Jones at Red City Recordings, who really brought the song to life.”

As said, Böhmen brought their newest single into play 'SEDATE' on the 1st of March and it previews a debut EP 'Elysium' - which is due for Winter 2024. The excitement continues too, as the 3rd of May sees them headline Manchester’s iconic Deaf Institute. They are currently hard at work in the studio recording new singles as well as writing their second EP scheduled for release in early 2025. 


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