CAMENS Release Cracking Second Single From Forthcoming New Album

Published on 19 April 2024 at 17:10



Introducing ‘Confetti & Kalashnikovs’, the second instalment from alternative indie outfit Camens’ forthcoming album ‘WORK/LIFE/BALANCE’ is a barrelling, punchy, and playful indie-pop anthem showcasing the northern band’s slick signature sound.


Derived from lead singer Scott Powell falling on a juxtaposing phrase, ‘Confetti & Kalashnikovs’ originally started out as light-hearted fun messing around with different oxymorons for love and war. Putting pen to paper, the song eventually evolved into an upbeat indie banger, diving in and out of the ups and downs of relationships.


The sonic is geared towards a festival main stage slot. Think sun, beer, and dancing, and Camens’ latest release fits in alongside it all perfectly. They have forged a sound that would look pretty next to any of the typical indie singalongs that generate the warranted hype when the summer months come beaming.



But while a summer hit is always welcomed open-armed, it can often borderline cheesy and samey, Camens makes certain this isn’t the case, with their escapist lyricism and intelligent storytelling put at the forefront of a band that is even better live. 


With a UK album release tour already lined up for May, Camens are looking ahead to a busy summer of live shows. Alongside supporting The K’s this month, the band are set to take the stage at a series of festivals including Jurassic Fields, Deva Fest, Weyfest and The Weekend Festival, where fans can experience their brand-new material live for the first time.


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