LONG ISLAND Released ‘Homewrecker’ - Another Excellent Step In The Huddersfield Band’s Continued Emergence

Published on 26 April 2024 at 11:22

Words: Max Bradfield


Back on the 14th of February, Long Island aptly contradicted the lovey-dovey time of year and released ‘homewrecker’ - another excellent step in the Huddersfield band’s continued emergence.


This tune about forgetting exes of before, starts off with mellow and emotive chords before striding into genre-merging territory, plunging lead vocalist Rhiannon Stephenson’s superb tones (that seem destined for alternative/indie surroundings) into a near-breakbeat pace that elevates the song to new heights. 


The band explained their recent penchant for pushing their boundaries.


"homewrecker" is a punchy rock-tinged track fused with our love of drum and bass; an anti-Valentines Day track that's perfect fuel to go out and forget your ex, and to remember that sometimes there is no return from the consequences of your actions. 


“Inspired by PVRIS and The Band CAMINO and their ability to blend their signature sounds with their wide ranging influences, "homewrecker" draws upon our band tradition of listening to drum and bass to hype up recording sessions and incorporates that with our indie-pop sensibilities.”



What I like about this track is the accentuated nature of delivery. Keeping a pleasant Northern tinge on proceedings brings Huddersfield very much into the band’s consciousness as much as origin. Furthermore, as is a staple with this group, the mixing is excellent - there’s a real consistency throughout, and Rhiannon’s voice is truly worthy: scratching all the mental itches in this 3:21 play time. 


Lyrically too, darting around the semantics of the ‘homewrecker’s’ status as a bad memory, ‘this time there’s no going back to you’, and the disdain is driven by thoughtful imagery. One line that particularly stood out to me, ‘you kept that gift of roses just to stick me with the thorns’. 

The band’s debut album ‘infatuation is a nightmare’ released in January 2023 to critical acclaim, receiving praise from BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio and CLOUT as one of their ones-to-watch in 2023 and demonstrating their tenacity to break into the UK scene. With spots supporting Manchester legends Corella on their sold-out tour alongside Tom A. Smith, as well as main support for The Royston Club and packed headline shows in Huddersfield, the band have become a staple in the local scene.


“We formed mid-2022 in Huddersfield, spawning from a university project to write an album in 10 weeks between Rhiannon and Cameron. We loved the music that was written and decided to continue writing together, working out how to play everything live.”


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