HERMAN MARTINEZ - 'Immortal Jellyfish'

Published on 28 June 2024 at 10:30


The intriguing and intricate album cover art of Herman Martinez's latest album gives an induction of the eclectic and unique experience that the LP has to offer the listener. 'Immortal Jellyfish' took over two years for the Atlanta, Georgia native to bring to the world and it appears as though Martinez's perseverance and patience has bore fruit.


Opening with the title track, this album is a comprehensive foray into the mind of a spectacular artist. The collection of songs is eighteen deep, with enticing titles such as 'Pink Floyd And Dinosaurs' and 'One Hit Wander' giving an indication to the subtle humour involved. 


Recorded in Athens, GA and produced by Ahmed Mahmoud with mixing from Chase Cassara, 'Immortal Jellyfish' is a beautifully produced listen, with the title track and aforementioned 'One Hit Wander' being key highlights. With influences on show from various genres, Martinez played each instrument on the album himself - something that was a meticulous process. This attention to detail and clear passion shines throughout the opus.


"This is the soundtrack to ageing backwards. Sounds to dye the silence." -Herman Martinez

Photo: Abigail Rodriguez Photography


Herman Martinez had thirty songs to choose from for this album - a testament to his work ethic and songwriting ability. The eighteen that appear here are a smorgasbord of opportunity for the listener. This is an album that has had a man's sweat and in some places, heart poured into it. Music is often defined by genre and rudimentary - often we know what to expect before we even listen or more often that not, rarely divert from what we know we like. Take a punt on 'Immortal Jellyfish'. You won't be disappointed.


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