FADED SHADES Impress With Energetic Release 'What I'm On About'

Published on 28 June 2024 at 12:43


The keenly talented Faded Shades ended the first half of 2024 with the release of arguably their finest single to date - the captivating 'What I'm On About'.  Already a live favourite and show closer, the track is a much anticipated recording from the aspiring band.


What is immediately striking about 'What I'm On About' is its energy. The fuzzy bass sound helps to create a real groove. The main riff sounds HUGE - Faded Shades have gone all out here to create a monstrous sounding track. Endearing and addictive, this release grabs the listener by the scruff of the neck and doesn't let go.


The band describe 'What I'm On About' as a story of a night out in Amsterdam; the music matching the tale of "exploring the frayed edges of a trip and reality whilst you navigate foreign streets in a hazy state of discombobulation."



Faded Shades are trio Joe (vocals and guitar), Liam (bass) and Charlie (drums). Based in London. Influenced by the Mod scene and the British Invasion era, they are a band who have the knack of incorporating the best of rock n roll history with contemporary songwriting. Their self-produced debut album has done over 100,000 streams which is a testament to its quality. 


Taking a look into Faded Shade's back catalogue there are other gems to discover, namely 2022's 'Stay' and their debut single, 'Chasing Your Love'. 

'What I'm On About' is the sound of three young men chasing their dreams. With releases like this one, I'd say that those dreams are well within reach.


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