Single Reviews 24/07/20

Published on 24 July 2020 at 13:39

Sorcha Richardson has released a home recording of Ruin Your Night and makes our Single Of The week this week. The Irish singer/songwriter successfully released her stunning debut album First Prize Bravery in November and this re-working of one of her early releases is beautifully stripped back without leaving the song bare. The lyrics are magical and flow seamlessly, telling a heartbreaking tale. 


Seprona release Rose Tinted Eyes in a couple of weeks time so here’s plenty of warning to pre save this stunning indie synth groover from the Liverpool based five piece..OVVLS, an alternative duo also from Liverpool have released Original Sin (out today), the first single from their forthcoming debut album. It’s co-written with Brian Campbell of Clinic and is a dark almost sinister track that is highlighted by beguiling vocals..Hyperextend by alt rockers Trope channels The Deftones in a polished rock tune that builds to a punchy chorus..Dark Wave outfit Matte Black have an industrial sound with new latest release Pure. It is a laid back track worth checking out..Matthew Hollands Love (out today) has shades of The Seahorses and is more of a traditional song. A catchy riff in the chorus, Hollands is clearly a talented songwriter..Skin 17 are a band worth checking out. Apart We Fell has a great chord structure even if the vocals don’t seem to be entirely fitting while heavier track Wound unfortunately suffers with the same issue despite being musically strong..Heavy Salad (who i’ve gigged with, nice lads) are back with The Wish, a quirky enough lo-fi in places sounding earnest track that has a catchy hook and US punk rock vibes.

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