Single Reviews 07/08/20

Published on 7 August 2020 at 09:58


Kings is the latest release from Micky James with a bass line that will make you move. It is  an absolute monster of a guitar pop tune. The fuzzy guitars and driving bass line drives Kings which is 2020 glam rock. A must listen.

Further releases this week and Brighton lads Gravity Car have released their Hellfire EP, three tracks with a deep guitar sound and radio friendly production. Lead track Hellfire is more rock than indie in sound signalling that Gravity Car may have more traditional rock influences. When The Days Come Alive has a rip roaring chorus and perhaps should have been saved as a stand alone single release while final track on the EP Illinois features an acoustic riff and is an easy listen...Backspace and Faces In The Dark is the latest release from the female fronted Leeds band. Written for songwriter Harry Adams GCSE music course, it shows a songwriting maturity and an almost haunting sound..Days Gone By from Dictator suffers from having an unnecessarily long intro (over one minute!) but when you finally get to the meat of the song there is a decent indie rock tune that grows and grows..Macroscope brings us an Americana guitar sound with My Favourite Cardigan. It’s a grower that is well put together..Marquee is a melancholy throwback to an almost 1950’s vibe with contemporary overtones from singer songwriter Liam Hillyer. Marquee has a catchy chord sequence and Liam clearly possesses talent as a songwriter..Sam And Sounds and In Time, She’s Mine is pure pop done extremely well if that is your thing and even if it isn’t, there is nothing wrong with a guilty pleasure..We were impressed with the previous release from Seprona and their new track Rose Tinted Eyes (out today) is a synth indie pop banger of a song...Sea Girls give us another taste of their upcoming album with Forever. They are going to be huge and finally Amy Shark has put out an acoustic version of latest release Everybody Rise. Her voice feels like home with us being big fans and this stripped back atmospheric version only goes to display the Australians talents further. 



All of the releases mentioned above are available to listen to on our Spotify Playlist that you can browse here.

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