Death Threat Cassette Are Ready To Blow Up

Published on 10 August 2020 at 11:16

Death Threat Cassette are for all intents and purposes songwriter Lee Pecquer who we recently caught up with. Lee is formerly of north east band Solanoid, who recorded their debut album Aurora Avenue in Seattle with former Nirvana producer Jack Endino. That album spawned a tremendous single in January 14th (view the music video here) but for one reason or other that project didn’t fully take off in the way perhaps they should have. 


"The ending of Solanoid was for many reasons, there wasn’t one specific reason. But from my point of view most of the negativity & criticism I faced was primarily from within the band circle, rather than from the outside. But the main thing that killed it for me was having fans of the band telling me that my band mates were condescending to them and  tret them like dirt, which is inexcusable.

Also my band mates were more driven by the allure of wanting fame over making music. I am disappointed with the band not reaching its full potential as despite all of our issues we seem to work well when we were playing music and I felt we had more to give. But it has also been a learning experience."


Fast forward to 2020 and Death Threat Cassette have two albums under their belt; Lo Fi Or Die (2012) and Dial M For Masham (2015) and about to release a third album Use Your Delusion. 


"Death Threat Cassette  at the start was like a scrap book of songs and  I wasn’t sure whether it was going to be a band with other musicians or a solo project. 


Over the previous albums I feel more comfortable with being a solo musician and rather than trying to find an overall sound I now accept that the music I make is my own unique sound.

How this manifests in the new album is that I have really unleashed influences I have never shown before, such as The Stone Roses and Bowie.


Because i feel comfortable with my place in music now i think i feel more comfortable to show more influences whilst still sounding like myself. The first 2 albums had concepts behind the writing & were thematic. If this new album was a movie it would be split as each song has their own personality."


The lead single from the new album is the blistering Tank Gun Soldier, a release that really showcases Pecquer’s songwriting and melodies in a way that previous work hasn’t, while still sticking to an alt rock ethos.


"The first single Tank Gun Soldier from the new album is about when you have a relationship and there’s somebody in between you. Be it a love rival or somebody lingering in the background. Most of the time when I write a song that story is made up of lots of little stories and things I have experienced or witnessed.


So it’s part fiction but it is made up of real situations.

I have tried on this album to show more of a melodic side to my song writing, but I do struggle to let the Lo-Fi side of me go."

The new single Tank Gun Soldier is a great introduction to Death Threat Cassette for anyone new to their music. Many years ago I described Lee as music’s best kept secret and to some extent that quote still remains today. With Death Threat Cassette and their new material that is surely bound to change. 

Death Threat Cassette have launched a new website here 

You can listen to the new single Tank Gun Soldier here on Spotify.

And finally keep tabs on what they are up to on their official Instagram page here.

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