Animal Breakdown - Almost Lost

Published on 1 November 2020 at 18:14

By Paul Laird @mildmanneredmax


Dark days. 

Dreary nights. 

Despairing hearts. 

Welcome to the new normal. 

Rushing back from their own creative lockdown Animal Breakdown return with a thunderous,  thumping, thrilling, blistering and bruising new single that sounds just like…Animal Breakdown.  The shadowy shimmer of shoegaze and the hopeless romanticism of the sort of post-punk, gothic  indie that was the calling card of The Cure and Echo and the Bunnymen. 

When a band who are in their creative infancy can deliver a line like “And our shame is speculation  on their lips” then you know that you are dealing with something special, something a little more  valuable, a little more precious, than the achingly dull Northern uproar of the myriad Oasis cover  bands and sixties obsessives that clutter up too many Twitter timelines. 

This is the sound of a band you could love. 

More than this it is the sound of a band who deserve your love. Not just because they have a  battered copy of “The Stone Roses” or because they trot out the same old, same old, list of  influences; a checklist designed to appeal to the middle-aged, vinyl revivalist, record buying  “Mods” but because they are doing something…better. 

Romance and despair. 

Hope and hopelessness. 

Faith for the faithless. 

Love and sex. 

Truth and lies. 

All the things that make a band great are here…if you can simply hear.

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