The Outcharms to release new single this Friday

Published on 4 November 2020 at 11:51

Doncaster Brit-poppers The Outcharms are set to release new single To Be Young And In Love this Friday. We have had a preview here at Our Sound and it’s a belter.

The band have been around for a few years now and have slowly built up a strong following, with previous single releases Lazy and (Who’s Making you) Smile? both making waves on Spotify with the latter reaching over 150,000 streams to date.

This new single is well produced and has a strong sound; it is jangly and full of clever lyrics.

Curtis Cooper is the band’s frontman:  “We’ve always wanted progress in terms of our sound with each new tune, I think. The poppy, jangly sound is something that is quite prevalent in all our influences, so it made sense to explore that side of things. The lyrics are quite cynical, if I’m honest. You think everything is a fairy tale when you’re young and it hits home when you realise that life isn’t like that. But this world still needs its dreamers, probably more so now than ever before...”


The Outcharms have sold out The Leadmill and also supported The Reytons on their last UK tour. 

To Be Young And In Love is out this Friday and we will be reviewing the single as part of our weekly single reviews as well as adding it to our Spotify playlist.



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