Hayley Ross - 'Moving All Around EP' Review

Published on 10 November 2020 at 10:29

Brighton singer-songwriter Hayley Ross has released her Moving All Around EP (out now via Barracuda recordings), a three track affair with a music video to accompany the title track that Hayley directed herself. 

All three tracks were mixed by legendary producer John Leckie (The Stone Roses/Cast) and Hayley’s sound is hauntingly Americana - a sound similar to Deep Dark Robot (A Linda Perry project), not just in tone but in emotion.

Having had her music featured on hit Netflix series Orange Is The New Black and also receiving national radio play on BBC 6 Music, Hayley Ross has a debut album under her belt already, The Weight Of Hope was released earlier in 2020 to critical acclaim. 

Speaking on the video for the new single from the EP, Moving All Around, Hayley said:

“All the footage was shot by my partner Rory, Jimi at the label and myself. I pieced it all together to fit the track sonically.. I really like the shadows I managed to capture on my living room wall, they feel like visual audio. I plan to do more of this and take more artistic control of the whole package as imagery is very important to me while writing music... I feel it goes hand in hand.”

The Second track on the EP, All These Things, has a familiar structure and sound - a melancholy trip into 60’s rural America springs to mind while final track Hope I’m Wrong is a more straightforward acoustic number that serves to showcase Hayley’s vocal ability, especially as the song grows.


The Moving All Around EP is a fine collection of songs from a clearly talented artist. The feel of this EP and the first two tracks in particular is something of note.

Stream here or view the video below.

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