Single Reviews 08/01/21

Published on 8 January 2021 at 12:18

It is almost a given by now that when KOMBAT release a new single it becomes our Single Of The Week. I Don’t Want To Know is a slight departure from their angst filled rock n roll and is a more laid back dreamy number that is essentially just a guitar and vocal. It has shades of Oasis at their most melodic and carefree (Underneath The Sky, Married With Children) and the more stripped back sound here really lets the incredible vocals from singer Anoush breathe. The string of incredible songs from KOMBAT has to end at some point surely. I can’t recommend this enough. 


Welcome back from the Christmas break, where this week things have picked up again with new releases coming at us left and right. We kick things off with a five track EP from THE JOBS called Sailing Upon The Times - previous single release La Serena is the opener and sets the tone with its shoegaze laid back vibe. Transmission Radio is a great pop tune while maintaining its integrity with a demanding bass line running throughout. Seriously impressive. The Sunrise Over The Hill is the sound of a band pouring its heart out - the flow is intense and evocative. On A Holiday is a little more indie by numbers in nature while final track If You Have No One rounds off a mainly great collection of songs - everything here sits right - if you haven’t discovered The Jobs yet you need to go out of your way to listen to this EP...WONK UNIT aren’t messing about on Raise My Glass - two minutes of an audio assault from the UK Punksters. Singing about their New Years resolution, ours is to get on the album when it's released later in the year. The most fun you’ll have in two minutes all month...Relax is the new single from Irish New Wave band NIXER. This is a collection of genres that is pulled off in grand style. The non stop vocal and beat fuses with the overall electro sound to produce something altogether unique and captivating...BROOZER released The Way I Like It at the end of November but there’s no time scale on discovering a decent tune. The single is off the upcoming EP Average At Best (out on the 18th) and if The Way I Like It is anything to go by it’ll be gangbusters. This is riff heavy with a catchy chorus like all the best rock n roll tunes should could be forgiven for pre-judging a band described as “Ukraine-based indie-rock” but VINOK blow away our preconceptions on Elephant Girl. It’s the story of the spiritual awakening of a female with a disability. There’s something I can’t quite put my finger on about this, it’s riff heavy with a tremendously strong almost pop vocal. The attitude and confidence on this is overflowing...THE WIFE GUYS OF REDDIT win the best named band of the week trophy. The duo formed only last year and have quickly put together this double track release. Drained Jr has a chugging guitar that keeps things moving along at a swift pace while on Event Horizon they swap vocal duties with Niamh introducing us to a slower tempo and more airy track that demonstrates the bands fluidity in their songwriting. With more releases planned for this year, THE WIFE GUYS OF REDDIT are ones to keep tabs on...TOM GRENNAN is back on track after a couple of bang average releases on Little Bit Of Love. This is an immediately catchy soulful pop tune that could well have been written by Lewis Capaldi such is the vibe here...BLACK HONEY never, ever fail to put out a banger and Believer is female fronted rock n roll at its finest..SHAME release Nigel Hitter and it is what we have grown to expect from them by now - shouty vocal with inane lyrics and no hook whatsoever, don’t believe the hype..ANDREW CUSHIN has put out the Innes remix of his tune It’s Gonna Get Better. Probably best listened to while cruising through the Toon in your Golf on a Friday night, this one is a welcome remix that shows off the melody and strong sound of the original while providing something to get your teeth into...and finally KINGS OF LEON are back with The Bandit. The band has a strong fan base despite being incredibly bland and this new song is the Leon by numbers. Uninspiring, tepid middle of the road dated sounding indie for the middle aged. 


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