Single Reviews 23/01/21

Published on 23 January 2021 at 11:48

Oxford based band BE GOOD have released their ‘Everything’s Alright In The Evening’ EP, with ‘Young Strangers’ in particular being a stand out. It is an 80’s throwback with brooding synths and a fine melody akin to The 1975 when they were still decent. ‘Young Strangers’ is a song that immediately grabs you and doesn’t let go for four minutes and eighteen seconds. If you check out just one release from what we have written about here, make it his one. Phenomenal and our Single Of The Week. Watch the music video here.

Moving on to the rest of the week's releases, we kick things off this week with ‘My Saccharine’, the new single from The Sad Song Co. This is a very smooth and easy listen lifted from the new album ‘Saudade’ (out today). Excuse the pun but this is sugar coated with a well written chorus...The Reytons, our favourite band right now, have released ‘Jealous Type’. You know what you are getting now with The Reytons, and we won’t say it. Another stormer of a tune... Rosellas, one of the most promising bands around at the moment have released ‘Damaged’, (complete with two b-sides), a sweeping, emotional slice of indie goodness that sounds like a band who have been doing this for years. The chorus is rousing and the whole depth here is something to be in awe of...Scottish singer songwriter Konner, who has been making waves north of the border releases ‘I Can’t Get Away’, a slow tempo heartfelt song that has shades of The 1975 at their most earnest. The phrasing here stands out as does the build during the song that Konner has created…’I Wish You Were Dead’ isn’t a veiled threat it’s the new tune from Three Day Monk, an unconventional track that is well produced. The vocals here from Tristan Monk are nothing short of amazing. A more accessible song may showcase his clear talent further...Five O Fives hit our radar with their excellent debut release ‘Through The Darkness’ and the follow up single ‘Something To Do’ is even more impressive. The vocal is fragile and wraps around your ears like an audible blanket. The guitar rhythm and tone on this is perfect. ‘Something To Do’ is as close to perfect a release you can get...Another band on their second single are The Strifes, a three piece band from Southampon. ‘Keep it Going’, a song about walking away from a job you dislike (been there, done that). Well the song itself is decent enough, a fast paced effort that doesn’t stop for breath. There’s nothing original here though sometimes it pays to not break the mould…’Nice Try’ is the uplifting tune by Jessica Luise, a talented performer from the North West. This  track is lyrically melancholy, well produced and has a warmth to it...Across the pond now and the Texas based alt rock band Velvet Skyline have a strong release with ‘Circles’, the lead track from their upcoming LP release. It has that American alt-rock sound that is so familiar and prompts us to take a look at the album...The Fullers and ‘The Crystal Palace’ is a unique blend of folk and indie rock. It is great to hear a band do something that you don’t expect; the diversity in their songwriting is the mark of a great band. The Fullers are ones to watch in punk duo The Vitrines, who have supported Blossoms and Catfish And The Bottlemen, have ‘Something New’ for us to listen to, a short, punchy riff heavy tune that leaves us wanting more. A stellar tune...Apollo Junction, one of the hardest working bands around have put out ‘On The Ropes’ which continues their streak of blinding releases. This one is an energetic stomper that just when you are thinking this is a decent tune, the chorus arrives to take things to the next level. Highly recommended…’Aspirin’ is the second single from Greysha, a dark and electronic indie pop song. The vocals here are full of character though ultimately this one is disappointing...Lyerr have a huge anthem in ‘Doctors Orders’ - it is the Manchester bands fourth release and their best work to date; the band were crowned Virgin Records ‘Best New Band’ and it is easy to see why. Lyrically in the top tier, ‘Doctors Orders’ is melodically pleasing as well...Trippy guitars feature on ‘Yellow Lines’, a grooving tune by Tommy Newport. This one is full of character and dance pop elements...Ooberfuse have put out ‘Set Me Free’, another song with a dance pop beat which is made extra special by the vocal of frontwoman Cherrie Anderson...The Vela Incident, named after an unidentified double flash of light detected by an American Vela Hotel satellite on 22 September 1979, are the finest band to ever come out or Port Talbot, South Wales as shown with new single ‘For All Lost Souls, a song that takes an age to get going (have we ever mentioned that over long intros aren’t our thing?) but once it does this can be described as beautiful, poignant and dream like...Pushpin channel their inner MIKA on ‘Folds’, a glam rock esque affair that is a bit all over the place…’Spinner’ is by The Rotanas is a slow building song that has a familiar formula. This is full of energy and attitude...Dare Above Nemo have put out ‘Everything’s A Countdown’ which is two minutes of inoffensive dream pop…’Renegade Love’ is by Hello Cosmos, whose album ‘Dream Harder’ is out next week and will feature on The Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess’s Twitter Listening Party on release day, the 29th of January. ‘Renegade Love’ is a rip roaring tune which although is a bit shouty if that’s your thing you won’t go far wrong with this one...and finally Jasmine Fairhall, a young singer songwriter from Canterbury shows promise on her debut release ‘Isn’t Me’, a song with some clever turn of phrases that was debuted on BBC Introducing Kent. Jasmine is clearly talented and one to keep tabs on.


That concludes our lengthy look at the week's new releases, most of which can be heard on the Our Sound Spotify Playlist here.




The banging new single from The Underclass is called THE ONE and it's out 5/2/21. Click here to pre-save and be one of the first to hear it.


THE NOTION - Crusade is an absolute anthem and it is out now. Click to listen. 


THE FULLERS return in 2021 with a top drawer tune called 'The Crystal Palace' - CLICK TO LISTEN


DAMAGED, the new single from Rosellas is out now. Click to stream.


The amazing album 'Scribbles Please On Yellowed Keys' from Mia Stegner is out now. Click to stream.


The new single from Tom Welsh, 'You Came To Talk' is out on the 25th. Click to pre-save.


'GONNA BE ALRIGHT' is the stirring new single from HAWKE. Click to pre-save. Out January the 29th.








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