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Published on 29 January 2021 at 11:54

Geordie dream-gaze trio Butterjunk have treated us to a four track EP named ‘Normalised’. The first track ‘Little Alien’ has an immediate quality to it. A dreamy and evocative chord structure gives way to a tender, heart felt vocal that has a Jarvis Cocker tone to it, without the dry delivery. It is perhaps in need of more words and less music, however that criticism doesn’t take away from this being a song of brilliance. ‘In A Motion’ is equally encapsulating. A total pop love song. ‘Melter’ is more mainstream indie but still maintains that melancholy edge while final track ‘Woodside’ is a more dreary affair however one constant remains through this EP - it invites you to listen to the lyrics intently. An amazing release that is required listening. The ‘Normalised’ EP is our Single Of The Week (I know, that doesn’t make sense). Stream here.

We have tons of releases to get through this week and start with the new seven track EP from LUMER, I mean it is more of an album really, what is the law on EP’s exactly? It should be no less than four songs and no more than six in our opinion still, these Yorkshire post-punks are alright with ‘The Disappearing Act’ - the opener ‘She’s Innocent’ sets the tone and sounds exactly as you might imagine. It is the best of the seven songs here. If post-punk is your thing (it’s not ours) then Lumer does it just as good as anyone else...The Shop Window are back with ‘Out Of Reach’, the follow up to their well received previous release ‘Sad Eyes’. There’s shades of Madness on this and a killer guitar riff that pieces things together.  Decent...Liverpool four-piece Honey Motel impress again on ‘Morning Affairs’. The intense vocals really lift this well produced track. The band is full of energy on this, with a well put together groove. One to seek out...Johnny Altman might be remembered by readers of a certain age as ‘Nasty Nick’ in Eastenders, an infamous role that fits well with his brand of sneering punk. ‘Looking For The Love Of My Life’ is old school English punk with lyrics that are simple but fit the song well. It’s catchy, punchy and short. Just like punk rock should be...The Mono LPs are certainly innovative and it is great to see a band refusing to be defined by any particular genre. ‘Love Me’ is their Ibiza tune, a trip to the Balearics. A thumping dance beat with a cello on top.  A song that is perfectly crafted, A proper head nodder with a teasing guitar riff that threatens to go all ATB on us. Splendid...Tom Welsh is one of the country's most talented under the radar singer songwriters. New track ‘You Came To Talk’ is beautifully crafted. If I was in a thinking frame of mind and had a few beers I would probably be shedding a tear right now. The chorus is rousing and memorable…’Daydream’ is the punchy and emotionally charged new single from Bristol’s Sapphire Blues. It’s post-punk (and we have almost had our fill of that genre this week) with a musically chilled vibe but with electric vocals. The story here is decent enough...Hawke are an Irish duo now relocated to London. ‘Gonna Be Alright’ could be the soundtrack to current times; uplifting, motivational. Sublime. A tender song that showcases a songwriting talent rarely seen. In another era this would be massive. Maybe it will be. It should be...Audiotown blew us away with their debut release ‘Until The End’ which has had heavy rotation at the Our Sound offices. Just to see if anyone actually reads these reviews, I mean the page gets a lot of views but is it read in detail - here’s an exclusive:  Audiotown will be playing at the Our Sound Indie All Dayer in Hull on September 26th (official announcement in March).  Their new release, ‘Fever’, is a bass heavy track that has a sound akin to ‘Bleach’ era Nirvana. The sneering vocal draws the listener in before we are hit in the face by a powerful chorus - immense guitar riff and sound that is out of The Dandy Warhols playbook. This is dirty rock and quite incredible with it...Bedroom pop artist Amber Jay has released ‘Stay The Same’, a classic heartbreak track. The beat here is something I can’t quite put my finger on - nonetheless it’s great, bouncy, pop...Death Threat Cassette are back with ‘The Purge’,  the second single from the upcoming album ‘Use Your Delusion’. This week DTC have had a limited time stream of ‘Paper Heart’ up on their Soundcloud (check quick, it may still be there) which is an amazing tune. ‘The Purge’ is astounding. Starting with a voice telling us that the annual purge has begun, sirens wail before giving way to a classic riff. Lee’s vocal is on point and the track is perhaps DTC’s most catchy and accessible to date. Amazing...No Deal Disco gets political on ‘Charity Begins At Home’ which finally comes alive a minute or so in…’Colin’ (I wonder how many babies were called Colin in 2020?) is the new tune from SLONK, this is swirling synth pop with an edge. The vocals are endearing. SLONK have created something altogether unique and very, very special. Answer: 23…’The Back Seat’ comes our way via Paris Youth Foundation, a song recorded at the legendary Parr Street Studios in Liverpool. This is pure indie pop. Anthemic with a touch of the 80’s while remaining contemporary...The Vices give us ‘Looking For Faces’, a indie pop song that doesn’t break the mould but is pleasant enough...BERRIES are an all female trio and their latest release ‘Copy’ is something to get excited about. This has a killer melody and a garage grunge sound that is authentic…’Tea Drinkers Of The World’ is the great titled new single by Darling BOY, a slice of gritty guitar pop...The Sparkle & Fade are a family affair from Connecticut, USA. ‘Up In The Air’ is their new release and it is charmingly reassuring. More rock n roll than you would imagine going in, this has a killer riff flowing throughout that helps lift the song away from what could have been AOR territory. It is classic rock/pop with a catchy chorus and a familiar arrangement…’Weird Wins’ is the latest single to be lifted from Only Sun’s new album ‘Tangled Mind’ which also came out this week. This is a jaunty tune with a classic indie pop foundation...Jake Whiskin is nothing short of stunning with ‘Slow Motion’ - the American songwriter influences shine through strongly to great effect…’Finite’ is the moody and epic release from Layaway, a band making waves in Scotland having played at King Tuts and throughout the UK with tour slots with Larkins. The vocal is quite flat in the sense it lacks emotion, despite musically being superior to most of this week's of our faves, Pale Waves are releasing songs from their upcoming second album thick and fast. ‘You Don’t Own Me’ is straightforward Avril Lavigne inspired supercharged pop. It won’t be remembered as one of their stronger releases but as a teaser for the album it delivers.


That’s it for this week. If you have enjoyed reading our take on the week’s new single releases feel free to share the link. Most of the songs covered above can be listened to now on our Spotify Playlist here.


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